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Economic providers

In case you want to learn more or get to know companies that work in these industries, we welcome you to join the European Business Association or Global Business for Ukraine community. Please, send us an inquiry by email to learn all the details on how to become a part of one of the business communities

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Ukraine has great potential and opportunities for investing and doing business. Those are not just words and we want to show them to you, investor. Therefore, on this Map, you’ll find detailed information about every Ukrainian region – size, population, features, opportunities, projects, taxation, level of education, salaries, and more. And, of course, opportunities – in IT, agro, food, logistics, energy, automotive, light industries, services, etc. That, we hope, will help while making investment or business decisions.

Rebuild Ukraine

Discover the transformative power of Rebuild Ukraine. Explore a diverse range of projects spanning various regions and economic sectors.

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