Area 13,800.00
Population 1,000,000.00
CPI 109.50
GRDP 661.60
RIA 661.60
Energy supplyNo data

Ternopil Oblast is located in the western part of Ukraine. The administrative centre of the region is Ternopil city.
It is surrounded by five more regions of Ukraine: Chernivtsi Oblast – in the south, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast – in the southwest, Lviv Oblast – in the northwest, Rivne Oblast – in the north, and Khmelnytskyi Oblast – in the east. Ternopil Region is one of the two regions of Western Ukraine that do not have an international border. Ternopil region is located 490 km from Kyiv, 140 km from Lviv airport and 690 km from the Odesa seaport. It has the international airport “Ternopil” and the international road M-12.
Ternopil Oblast is administratively divided into 3 districts, 18 cities, 17 urban-type settlements, and 1022 villages.
The economy is mainly agricultural. Among the industries, the food industry is well developed, particularly the production of sugar, alcohol and dairy products (such as butter). Among the few are also such plants as “Vatra” (lighting equipment), Ternopil Combine Plant, and “Orion” (radio communication). The Ternopil region has a sufficient network of highways, and the city of Ternopil is located at the intersection of the main European corridors along the E50 and E85 highways.
Regional GDP was 2.2 billion USD (1.44% of Ukraine’s GDP), FDI stock was 324 million USD (main foreign investors are Salic, Sumtovo electric, Dohler, Greenyard, Schreder), and export was 0.5 billion USD.
Industry specialization: agriculture (organic products), food products (dairy products), and lighting equipment.
Natural resources of the region: building materials (dolomite, clay, limestone), peat.
There are 11 universities and 6 technical schools in the region. The leading universities are the Ternopil National Technical University named after Ivan Pulyu, the Ternopil National University of Economics and the Ternopil National Medical University.
The unemployment rate in the region was 11.9% (average in Ukraine 9.9%) and the average salary was 373 USD (average in Ukraine 430 USD).

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