Investment potential
Area 20,629.00
Population 1,200,000.00
CPI 109.80
GRDP 742,7
Energy supply JSC Khmelnytskgas
Availability 99%
Connection procedure

Khmelnytska Oblast is located in the west of Ukraine. The administrative center of the region is Khmelnytskyi city. In the northwest, the Oblast borders Rivne, in the northeast – Zhytomyr, in the east – Vinnytsia, in the south – Chernivtsi, in the west – Ternopil. Khmelnytskyi region is located 325 km from Kyiv and Boryspil Airport, 552 km from Odesa Seaport, 159 km from Romania, 386 km from Poland and 494 km from Hungary. Khmelnytskyi region is administratively divided into 3 districts, 13 cities, 24 urban-type settlements, and 1417 villages. The economy of the region is mostly related to energy, transport and agriculture. The region is located at the historical crossroads of railway and road routes connecting Central Europe with the Black Sea coast and Russia (the most important railway junction is Shepetivka city). The Khmelnytskyi nuclear power plant in the city of Netishyn is the most important industrial enterprise of the region. There are also significant branches of mechanical engineering, weapons, and the chemical industry. Regional GDP in 2021 was 3.0 billion USD (2.1% of Ukraine’s GDP), FDI stock was 223 million USD (0.5% of Ukraine’s FDI stock), and export was 0.6 billion USD (1.3% of Ukraine’s export). Industry specialization: agriculture (growing grains, horticulture), industry, textiles, tourism (leisure, Jewish heritage), energy (nuclear power plant in the region. Natural resources of the region: saponite clays, granites, limestones, loams, glauconite, mineral groundwater. There are 9 universities and 6 technical schools in the region. The leading universities are Podilsk Technical University of Agrarian Sciences, Kaminets-Podilskyi National University named after Ivan Ohienko, and Khmelnytskyi National University. The unemployment rate in the region was 10.4% (average in Ukraine 9.9%) and the average salary was 366 USD (average in Ukraine 430 USD) in 2021.

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