Production of briquettes from biomass for their further use in solid-fuel boilers

Bolgrad City Council of the Bolgrad district of the Odesa region
Investment amount, USD
Region Odesa
Location Bolgrad city
Opportunity Placement of the production line of briquettes from local raw materials (biomass) - grape vine, straw in the premises, which is communal property of the Bulgarian city Council. Availability of personnel potential and possibility to establish cooperation with local agricultural enterprises and farms on supply of raw materials at prices from the producer.
Status Available TES
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Production of briquettes from biomass for their further use in solid-fuel boilers

Briquettes are an improved solid biofuel produced from affordable local agrobiomass and represent a renewable energy source and is CO2-neutral. The production is planned to be organized in the city of Bolgrad with the involvement of private business.

Advantages of using fuel briquettes from agrobiomass:

  • Large local raw materials base in the Bulgarian territorial community;
  • The possibility of using briquettes directly by residents of the Bolgrad community, houses equipped with household dust (15-30 kW) and hard fuel boilers with manual loading (up to ~100-150 kW);
  • Large briquettes do not require specialized equipment in contrast to road pellets (granules) from biomass;
  • The potential use of briquettes with relatively low density (“soft”) in powerful screw-feed boilers (up to ~1 MW);
  • A relatively low price per unit of energy compared to other traditional and alternative fuels with fairly good fuel characteristics;
  • Large briquettes are convenient and economical for transportation and storage, as well as require lower labor costs for manual loading into boiler;
  • Conformity to boiler equipment requirements due to stable form of fuel and constant fuel characteristics, better environmental indicators at burning, in particular ON CO and hard parts emission compared, for example, with burning of bad wood;
  • The possibility to replace more steam coal; the cost of an energy unit can be almost 2,0 times less than when using coal.

Replacement of fossil fuels (coal and natural gas) used in the city of Bolgrad and the Bolgrad district for heating on fuel briquettes from biomass will lead to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2439 tons CO2/year. The premises planned for the location of the briquettes production line is located within the city, which will reduce transport costs for potential consumers.

The total area of the object – 1222 m2 has a convenient location for use in economic activities, as storage premises or garages. The convenient transport connection, the object is located approximately 500 m from the road of the territorial value of T-1606, at the same time needs repair. Connection to city communications – 500 m.

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