Smart city (micro-district)

Kharkiv City council
Investment amount, USD
Region Kharkiv
Sector IT
Location Kharkiv, St. Architects, st. Architects (in the area of Mezheviy St., Mezheva St. (prospective), Lozovenkivska St. (prospective) in the area of Architects St.)
Status Project proposal
Documents Smart.city_
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The project was developed according to “City within a city” and “Smart City” concepts.

Address: Kharkiv, Architects St., (in the area of ​​Mezheviy St., Mezheva St. (prospective), Lozovenkivska St. (prospective) in the area of ​​Architects St.)

The new microdistrict will be built in Kharkiv and will consist of 16 residential blocks (queues), for which 3 kindergartens, a school, a stadium, office and retail premises, underground parking lots and surface parking lots are designed. All quarters will be connected by a developed bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

The implementation of this project will allow us to build a modern neighborhood, thanks to the introduction of the latest technologies that will automate everyday activities, improve the comfort and safety of residents. It is a promising opportunity to organize and test a fully integrated solution for creating smart districts and neighborhoods for further scaling to other city neighborhoods.

The project includes the following components:
– a unified loT network and software platform with further scaling;
– safe smart stops with traffic tracking;
– smart traffic lights;
– smart underground and above-ground parking lots with limited access, video analytics, fast charging stations for electric vehicles;
– automatic water and electricity meters;
– automatic lighting in buildings, parking lots, and neighborhood streets;
– water leakage prevention systems;
– loT sensors to improve the comfort and safety of residents;
– running water quality analyzers;
– smart recreation areas with Wi-Fi;
– trash can automation;
– video surveillance system with analytics;
– automation of opening shelters.

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