Round: $5m
a logistics company that features a software platform that utilizes deep integration with partner pharmacies, clinics, and insurance companies. As a marketplace, Liki24 aggregates offers from thousands of pharmacies that increases selection and price transparency for consumers and offers fast reliable delivery or finds a convenient pharmacy for self-pickup

Expertises which are always welcome
— ecommerce — especially category marketing and ppc;
— healthcare ecosystems — startups, partners;
— EU expansion — ecommerce/ads market expertise;
— efficient EU logistics — local and cross-border (routes, solutions, partner);

Charity stream
We have own fund, which compensates purchases of healthcare/meds products. We can provide more info to be “promoted” on your landing. Interested in:
— potential donors;
— collaborations — companies who have a pool of people in need they care about, so we can partner with them to provide targeted help;

Technical perks for startups
— Azure;
— Tools for search;
— Tools for profiling;
— Tools for tracking;
— Tools for monitoring and logging;
— Design tools (content stocks, figma)