Armed concrete production complex

urban-type settlement Mezhova, Mezhivska TC, Synelnykivskyi district, Dnipropetrovsk region
Investment amount, USD
Region Dnipro
Sector Heavy Industry
Location Mezhivska TC
Opportunity Lease through auction
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The community offers a land plot and premises in the village of Mezhova to establish an enterprise for the production and wholesale of armed concrete products (paving slabs, curbs, fences, etc.).

Project goals:
meeting the needs of the population of neighboring communities in armed concrete products;

  • production of armed concrete products and creation of the community construction sector;
  • increasing tax revenues to the community budget;
  • reconstruction and renewal of infrastructure on the
    territory of ATC (sidewalks, curbs, tiles, etc.);
  • providing quality services and products to customers;
  • development of the market of armed concrete
    products in the region;
  • cooperation with development companies in the

The appearance of a modern settlement is one of the key factors that reflect the quality of life of its inhabitants. What a settlement looks like depends not only on the buildings, but also on the type of landscape that surrounds them. For most cities, towns and villages in Ukraine, the quality of living space remains an acute problem, as pedestrian areas and public spaces need to be repaired. Production of armed concrete products: paving slabs and elements of public space decoration is a promising business. At the same time, on the territory of Mezhivska ATC, the use of new armed concrete materials remains low and needs to be restored.

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