Construction of the enterprise of complex processing of solid household waste by thermochemical method (with additional cycles of production by the method of pyrolysis) with the receipt of energy products – thermal and electric energy, biological fuel

Shabivska village territorial community Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi district of the Odesa region
Investment amount, USD
Region Odesa
Location Brytivka village Shabivska village territorial community Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi district of the Odesa region
Opportunity Receiving as products of processing of solid household waste (SHV) of electric and thermal energy. Development of a profitable greenhouse economy using the obtained heat energy and with the presence of the guaranteed market of the product sales
Status At the stage of development of the object documentation. The area of the land plot of communal property - 6 hectares, including the area of the operating area of the SHV - 3 hectares; the area of the adjacent territory - 3 hectares
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Construction of solid household waste/garbage dump at the territory of the operating landfill near the village. British Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi district and adjacent territory, solid domestic waste processing enterprises with additional cycle of pyrolysis production, with observance of ecological standards, installation of waste lines and use of solid domestic waste as sources of energy for production of thermal, electric energy, biological fuel.

Raw materials for the work of the enterprise will be unpaved solid household waste (TPV) of residents of Shabivska and neighboring communities of Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi district.

The facility capacity of the enterprise for processing of solid household waste is planned not less than 50 thousand tons of waste per year.

Products of processing of SHV will be:

  • Produced electric power in the amount of about 90 000 MW per year;
  • Produced thermal energy in the amount of about 104 000 Gcal.

Due to the functioning of the waste processing plant, the investor will be able to organize a profitable greenhouses economy, which will operate with the use of thermal energy, which will be allocated from the processing of SHV.

Due to renewable energy, which will be supplied by a waste processing company, heating of the greenhouse will cost the investor twice cheaper, which will reduce the cost of production. In addition, proper construction of the premises concerning the light sides and the density of the building site will allow to provide optimum illumination of the greenhouse and additionally save on artificial growth acceleration.

It is important that the investor will have a guaranteed market for the sale of greenhouse products, as Shabivska village territorial community is a popular tourist destination: Such tourist sites as the Shabo wine culture center, European raw materials and more than 50 recreation and recreation facilities located in Budapest are attracted to the Odesa – provides additional opportunities for the sale of products.

In the future, the community will facilitate the conclusion of long-term agreements with investors and local companies that collect and export waste, develop and process SHV on a long-term basis (not less than 10 years) and, if necessary, provide for expansion of the area for greenhouse construction.

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