Creation of biodegradable eco tableware production

Investment amount, USD
Region Dnipro
Sector Heavy Industry
Location Dnipro
Opportunity Returnable investment with a return period of 4-6 years after production reaches breakeven point for 3 consecutive months
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The project provides for the opening of its own production of
biodegradable tableware made of corn starch in Ukraine.

Current state of the project:
• To date, over $ 150,000 has been invested in the existing company;
• The company’s turnover per month – 30,000-35,000 US dollars;
• Product profitability – about 25%;
• The number of employees is 10 people.
• The existing clients of the company are Epicenter, Varus, Subaru, Ferrexpo and others.

It is planned to select, purchase, install and configure a line for the production of disposable biodegradable tableware made of polymer based on corn starch. Also, selection and testing of raw materials, rental of production facilities, utilities and remuneration of employees (5 people) in the first month of the enterprise.

Project goals:
• Increase in turnover up to USD 100,000 per month;
• Expansion of the client base due to the production of new products to order at our own facilities;
• Reducing the cost of production, as well as its cost for the end consumer;
• Increase in tax revenues to the local budget.

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