Feed soy protein concentrate project

“Astarta-Kyiv” Agri-industrial Holding
Investment amount, USD
Region Poltava
Sector Agriculture
Location Poltava region, Globyno
Opportunity Private investment
Status Design stage - "P"
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Brief description of the project/ technology/other specifics

  • ASTARTA put into operation one of the largest Ukrainian soybean processing plants in Globyno in early 2014
  • Currently the plant produces high-protein toasted meal, soybean oil and granulated shell
  • The new project is aimed at expanding the product mix towards higher value-added product by further processing of the soybean meal into Feed SPC (Soy Protein Concentrate).
  • The technology is innovative for Ukraine. The soy protein concentrate is made by aqueous alcohol extraction from non-granulated soybean meal.
  • SPC is a Soybean Protein Concentrate, i.e. a purified protein product with protein content of 60-70% for food and feed consumptions.

Advantages of the project
For Ukraine it is very important to reorient its economy from a raw material export model to the production of higher value-added products. Advanced soybean processing is one of the promising areas for the development of the domestic processing sector.

  1. High-quality non-GMO product made from the European traced soybeans
  2. The availability of such a high-quality product on the market can foster the development of related Ukrainian industries such as aquaculture and animal husbandry
  3. Financing and forward programs for farmers
  4. The project has multiple benefits from a sustainability perspective:
  • Better for European fish farming as SPC feed replaces fishmeal made of wild fish, not only as a more efficient feed in terms of calorific value but also preserving marine biodiversity
  • Molasses, as a by-product of SPC production, can feed ASTARTA’s existing biogas facilities to generate “clean energy” and reduce CO² emissions
  1. New job opportunities and support for community social development

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