Geological study of oil and gas subsoil, including experimental and industrial development of fields, with subsequent production of oil and gas (industrial development of fields) of Bilichivska area

Limited liability company «GEOLOGICAL INVESTMENT GROUP»
Investment amount, USD
Region Poltava
Sector Extraction
Location Poltava region, Chornukhy district
Opportunity Acquisition of a natural business
Status Under development
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There is a special permit for geological study of oil and gas-bearing subsoils, including exploratory and industrial development of fields, with further extraction of oil and gas (industrial development of fields) No. 4609 dated 04.12.2015 (Validity period 20 years), the area of the subsoil plot is 11.7 sq. km. According to the fund of structures, the projected gas resources in Bilychivska Square amount to 1,458 million cubic meters.


  • geophysical research;
  • seismic research;
  • conducted.

In process:

  • industrial development project;
  • drilling of four exploratory wells.
  • environmental impact assessment;
  • geological and economic assessment of reserves.

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