Industrial AgroTechnopark «Budzhak»

Suvorovska township territorial community Izmailskyi district Odesa region
Region Odesa
Location Suvorove township
Opportunity the opportunity to participate in the competition for the selection of the management company of the Industrial AgroTechnopark «Budzhak» (hereinafter –the IP), or to become its participant (resident) by obtaining the right to the land plot/other object (part of an object) of real estate within the IP in accordance with legislation and receive services for connection (joining) to engineering networks and communications
Status at the stage of development of the planning documentation and the concept of industrial park development
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The land plot earmarked for the creation of an IP with an area of 17.3 hectares has a favorable geographical and logistical location, the distance to:

  • the international highway M-15 Odesa-Reni – 20.0 m;
  • railway road – 1.5 km;
  • Izmail seaport – 39 km;
  • international sea (river and ferry) crossing point on the border with Romania «Orlivka»(«Isakcha») – 72 km;
  • international road pass on the border with Moldova «Tabaky» («Myrne») – 63 km.

The community specializes in the cultivation of grain and oil crops, horticulture, viticulture and vegetable growing. Local residents raise goose and sheep, which will contribute to the establishment of processing production with its own raw material base.

The following types of activities are planned on the territory of the industrial park:

  • processing and canning of fruits and vegetables;
  • production of oil from niche crops;
  • mayonnaise, craft cheeses and brynza (cottage cheese);
  • canned goose meat and pates; production of products from plant materials (reed, vine);
  • production of leather;
  • sheepskin and wool products;
  • down blankets, pillows and warm clothes filled with goose down;
  • production of pellets from forestry and agricultural waste and bio feed for animals.

Refrigerating operational and storage facilities will be located on the territory of the park, a TIR parking lot with a logistics center, a hotel and coffee shops. The organization of activities in the field of information and electronic communications with the creation of an IT cluster, as well as scientific activities related to the study of ancient mounds with the development of the concept of an open-air museum, is foreseen.

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