Modernization of moderately centralized heat supply system with reconstruction of boiler house №35

Department of housing and communal services, town planning and architecture of the Oleksandrian City Council of the Kirovohrad region
Investment amount, USD
Region Kirovohrad
Sector Administrative and auxiliary services
Location city of Oleksandria Kirovohrad region
Opportunity Capital investments
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Qust=6.021 Gcal/hour and heating network of the boiler house’s district in city of Oleksandria Kirovohrad region, st. Hryhoriya Sokalskyi, 35.

Аccording to the EIB’s assignment to Ramboll and Cow companies, during the development of a feasibility study for the project “Optimization of the heat supply system of the city of Oleksandria, Kirovohrad region”, which, as components, included the reconstruction of heat networks from boiler room No. 35, up to 5 options were developed.

According to the results of the development and presentation of the feasibility study by the Oleksandria City Council, the EIB and the Ministry of the Region, the feasibility study was approved in 2016 and the Design Study was confirmed in 2018 the most effective and recommended for implementation and implementation on a turnkey basis: design, supply of equipment, construction and installation works, commissioning.

General budget according – 89.125 million hryvnias including VAT 14.854 million hryvnias – ($2.44 million including VAT $0.407 million). Investor contribution: UAH 74.271 million ($2.031 million); co-financing of the Oleksandrian Territorial Community of the Oleksandria City Council – 14.854 million hryvnias ($0.407 million).

The problem of the moderate-centralized heat supply system in the northeastern part of the city of Oleksandria is a worn-out boiler room with energy-consuming boilers with an efficiency of 76%, worn-out electrical and gas equipment, and worn-out heating networks with mineral wool thermal insulation, heat losses in which reach 16-20%.

This project will solve all problems and achieve the set goals according to clause 1.6, namely:

  • Reducing the temperature of flue gases from 300˚C to 50-55˚C;
  • Increase in efficiency – from 76% to 102%;
  • Reduction of consumption:
    Natural gas for 645 thousand m3 – 32.5%;
    Electricity for 88 thousand kWh/year – 26%;
    Water for 644.8 m3/year – 19.7%;
  • Reduction of costs for the FOP from the implementation of the system of remote automatic control and management of the boiler room (SCADA);
  • Reduction of operating costs for current repairs;
  • Reduction of heat energy costs in heat networks from 16% to 5-7% of the amount of heat energy released into the heat network.

Reconstruction of boiler house No. 35 and heat networks of the heat supply area of boiler house No. 35 involves the replacement of worn-out energy-consuming boiler equipment with an efficiency of 76% and worn auxiliary equipment (pumps), electrical equipment and gas equipment with an energy-efficient boiler with an efficiency of 102% and the replacement of worn-out heat networks that have exhausted the resource of operation on pre-insulated pipes with a coefficient of thermal conductivity λ=0.027 (W/m*K) will allow to achieve, as shown by the calculations and the actual results of the 7th year of operation of a similar project.

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