Construction of an industrial facility for the production of N.O.T.A.smaky dried fruits

A natural person-entrepreneur
Investment amount, USD
Region Kirovohrad
Sector Food and processing industry
Location Kirovohrad region, Oleksandria city, Oleksandriyske village, st. Pavla Kravchenko 1a
Opportunity 100 000 USD
Status Partially launced
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The N.O.T.A.smaky team is engaged in the production of natural and healthy goodies. The range of our products includes delicious lozenges (natural sweets) and aromatic fruit frips and others. We do not use sugar, flavorings or dyes in our recipes.

When manufacturing products, raw materials of local origin are used as much as possible. Our goal is to improve the quality of life and health of our customers by providing them with the freshest, juiciest and highest quality products. Founded on July 26, 2020.

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