Khmeliv food factory

Smolinsʹka settlement council
Investment amount, USD
Region Kirovohrad
Sector Food and processing industry
Location Khmelove village, Novoukrainian district, Kirovohrad region
Opportunity Capital investments of the investor
Status The project concept has been developed
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Construction of Khmelivska food factory as a complex private enterprise for processing agricultural products.

The project envisages the creation of a complex private enterprise for the processing of agricultural products in the following directions:

  • Canning production (meat, fish, vegetables);
  • Grain processing (production of cereals, starches, flour and related products – bran, compound feed);
  • Production of deep-frozen vegetable and berry foods.

The raw material base is provided at the expense of local agricultural producers, with whom preliminary negotiations have been conducted. Certification and sales on world markets are planned in the future.

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