Creation of a plant for processing and packaging of honey (Tomakivska TC)

«Spas» LLC
Region Dnipro
Sector Food and processing industry
Location the village of Tomakivka, Tomakivska TC, Nikopolskyi district, Dnipropetrovsk region
Opportunity joint venture; sale / lease
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An operating profile enterprise is proposed for the implementation of a project for deep processing of honey and packaging of finished products. The enterprise has the necessary permits, infrastructure and engineering network.

At the moment, the company is engaged in the processing of honey and its further export to the EU and the USA (there is HACCP for production).

It is possible to use the complex as a warehouse/distillery/production of animal feed or other concentrates (there is a capacity of 25 cubic meters and a heated mixer).

Initiator resources:

  • the base of the existing plant is a 1- storey building with an area of ​​1700 m2 (concrete floor, ceiling height 6 m), with a basement. The condition of the building is good.
  • landplotwithanareaof​​0.7hectares;
  • certified laboratory.

Project goals:

  • development of production of domestic honey and other beekeeping products;
  • introduction of modern technologies and innovations in the production of honey;
  • bringing new honey products to the markets of domestic retail chains;
  • export of finished high quality products.

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