Production of dry snails’ mucus (Petrykivska TC)

Farm holding «Zdravlyk»
Investment amount, USD
Region Dnipro
Sector Agriculture
Location Hrechane village, Petrykivka ТС, Dniprovskyi district, Dnipropetrovsk region
Opportunity joint venture; loan funds; grants.
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Production of lyophilized mucus (dry substance) of the Mediterranean snails Helix aspersa Maxima and Helix aspersa Muller.

Farm holding «Zdravlyk» grows Mediterranean snails and produces snail’s mucus (liquid raw material). The production of liquid snail’s mucus is 100 tons per year, with the possibility of increasing production volumes.

Today, farm holding «Zdravlyk» produces a limited amount of lyophilized snail’s mucus, and has samples and relevant product examinations. The product is industrially used by the global pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in the form of recycled dry powder. In the future, it is planned to launch the production of snail’s hydrolysate peptide, enzymatic hydrolysis of snails’ raw material.

Project goals:

  • production of high-tech Ukrainian products with limited production in the world;
  • development of Ukrainian exports with high added value;
  • creation of new jobs.

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