Shell rock mining in the Artsizka city territorial community

Artsizka City Council of Bolgrad District, Odesa Region
Investment amount, USD
Region Odesa
Location Pryamobalka village
Opportunity Lease of a land plot (4.92 hectares) of communal property, on which a quarry for the extraction of shell rock is located in order to restore its functioning
Status Investment proposal
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It is proposed to resume the work of a quarry for the extraction of shell rock, located on the territory of the village of Pryamobalka, Artsyzka city territorial community, Bolgrad district, Odesa region, with the following characteristics:

  • quarry area – 4.92 ha;
  • open mining method;
  • shell rock reserves – 368.9 thousand cubic meters. m.;
  • the average thickness of the saw shell rock is 3.02 m;
  • the thickness of the opening layer is 10 m.
  • stone brand – M-35, which is characterized by the highest strength.

The land plot on which the quarry is located is the communal property of the Artsizka city territorial community, has a favorable geographical and logistical location, the distance to:

  • roads of international importance M-15 Odesa-Reni – 36 km;
  • railways – 18 km;
  • the regional center of Odesa – 153 km;
  • Izmail Commercial Sea Port – 85 km;
  • international sea (river and ferry) checkpoint on the border with Romania “Orlovka” (“Isaccea”) – 120 km.

The project concept provides for:

  • obtaining a special permit for subsoil use; estimated cost – $25,000;
  • conducting electric lines with a 100 kW transformer – $25,000;
  • purchase of equipment and machinery (front loader – $87,500, dump truck – $45,000, stone-cutting combine, 2 pcs. – $45,000;
  • acquisition of residential modules for personnel accommodation, 4 pcs. – $5,000.

The Artsizka city territorial community has a significant labor potential – about 20,000 able-bodied population.

Attracting a potential investor to restore the functioning of the shell mining quarry will contribute to:

  • providing the region with construction material;
  • covering the community’s own needs for construction materials;
  • creating more than 20 new jobs;
  • increase in revenues to budgets of all levels;
  • value added creation;
  • activation of socio-economic development of the community.

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