Wind Power Plant 152,5 MW

SPP Development Ukraine
Investment amount, USD
Region Cherkasy
Location Cherkasy region, Ukraine
Opportunity Investment funds, state funding, investor funds, credit funds and other sources
Status Ready to Build - III Quarter 2023
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Wind Power Plant 152,5 MW

Strategically located in the Central region of Ukraine, this ambitious project is well on its way to entering the Ready-to-Build stage by the third quarter of 2023.

To ensure the utmost accuracy and performance, the wind measurement and energy yield assessment were conducted by a leading expert in the European markets.

This comprehensive assessment involved calculating energy yield for various turbine configurations, with detailed reports provided for both the P50 and P90 scenarios. The calculations encompassed six different turbine types sourced from various vendors, ensuring a thorough evaluation.

We have already achieved significant milestones in this venture:

  1. Master plan: Completed.
  2. Feasibility studies: Completed.
  3. Project concept: Completed.
  4. Geological and geodesic surveys: Completed.
  5. Seismological surveys: Completed.
  6. Public hearings on ecology and urban planning: Completed.
  7. Design documentation for the “Project” stage is slated for completion in July 2023.

Upon completion, this project is poised to establish itself as a major renewable energy source in the region. By reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability, it will contribute to a brighter and more sustainable future for Ukraine.

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