Wind Power Plant 61 MW

SPP Development Ukraine
Investment amount, USD
Region Cherkasy
Location Cherkasy region, Ukraine
Opportunity Investment funds, state funding, investor funds, credit funds and other sources
Status Ready to Build - I Quarter 2024
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Wind Power Plant 61 MW

Situated in the Central region of Ukraine, this ambitious undertaking is on track to enter the Ready-to-Build phase by the third quarter of 2023.

To ensure precise collection of wind data, a measurement mast with a height of 120 meters was installed in November 2022. Over the course of one year, this mast will facilitate accurate measurements, further enhancing the project’s reliability and efficiency.

Upon completion, this endeavor is set to emerge as a prominent source of renewable energy in the region, playing a pivotal role in fostering the growth and sustainability of Ukraine’s energy industry.

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