Fashion Park Lviv

Western Ukrainian Fashion industry Cluster
Investment amount, USD
Region Lviv
Sector Light industry
Location Industrial Park Formatsia Lviv
Opportunity We offer an opportunity to earn 12-14% per annum in USD by investing in project
Status Development started, first stage will be launched in early 2025
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Fashion Park Lviv

Our strategic goal is to establish an innovative, self-sufficient ecosystem within the Ukrainian clothing industry. The main project task is to support rapid recovery, shift industry perception from ‘execution’ to ‘creation,’ and drive sustainable development at a qualitatively new, progressive international level. 

On the territory of 10,000 square meters, 7 self-sufficient subdivisions will be created, which will be combined into a single ecosystem. These are:

  • Development and Innovation Center, 
  • Academy, 
  • Production areas, 
  • Recycling and waste management center, 
  • Supply center, 
  • Exhibition area,
  • Logistics center.

We invite investors to join the creation of a new Fashion in Ukraine. We are sure that our project will set new standards of activity, and over time, the brand of our ecosystem will become a business card of the industry in Ukraine and beyond.

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