М10 Lviv Industrial Park

Dragon Capital
Investment amount, USD
Region Lviv
Sector Industrial park
Location 335 Shevchenko Street, Lviv
Opportunity Ready to discuss partnership
Status The first stage of construction has been started
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М10 Lviv Industrial Park

M10 Lviv Industrial Park is the project actively developed by Dragon Capital in the industrial area of Lviv Ryasne-2 close by M10 international highway, just 60 km from the border with Poland.

M10 Industrial Park is an effective platform for local and international businesses development in Ukraine: manufacturing, industrial, innovations and technologies, logistics and all those companies that need professional warehouses to ensure operational activities.

The territory of M10 Lviv Industrial Park covers 23.5 hectares. The land plot is privately owned and consists of 6 sites, that will be developed by stages in accordance with the approved plan and concept of the park and individual needs of its future residents. These sites are provided with all the utilities and vehicle access. The own service company will ensure security and proper functioning of the park’s common area and infrastructure.

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