Creation and development of industrial park “Sumy”

Sumy City Council
Investment amount, USD
Region Sumy
Sector Industrial park
Location Sumy region, Sumy city, near the plant "Tsentrolit"
Opportunity Investment funds, state funding, investor funds / credit funds and other sources
Status The concept of development
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In order to increase the investment attractiveness of the city of Sumy, in 2018, by its decision, the Sumy City Council created the Sumy industrial park (hereinafter – IP) for a period of 30 years.

IP “Sumy” is located on a land plot free from buildings (Greenfield). The land plot of the Sumy IP, with an area of 17.5 hectares (cadastral number 5910136600:03:006:0036), is located on a flat relief with a slope in the southern direction in the northern part of Sumy within the Northern Industrial Hub and borders on the existing production enterprise. The land plot is provided with convenient transport routes, the existing transport infrastructure allows you to bring the necessary railway tracks and to the site of the industrial park.

The first prerequisite for the creation, further development and functioning of Sumy IP is the arrangement of engineering infrastructure facilities to its borders, because the availability of the necessary engineering and transport communications in the industrial park is a significant competitive advantage for attracting direct investment and placing new industrial industries.

In 2019, a detailed plan of the territory near the Tsentrolit plant (Sumy industrial park area) was developed, which determined the estimated energy needs. As the land plot was considered as a reserve area for the development of the Northern Industrial Node, it has all the opportunities for low-cost connection to existing utilities, which have reserve capacity (sources of connection to utilities are located at a distance of 200 to 1000 meters).

When analysing the needs of modern production processes, it is clear that the most necessary for the future investor is the ability to connect to power grids. But, in addition to the need to supply electricity for production processes, it is worth noting that today the procedure for connecting business entities to electric networks takes a lot of time and requires a large number of permits. That is why bringing power supply networks to the borders of the Sumy industrial park should be the first stage in the arrangement of the industrial park.

The project involves bringing power grids with the installation of transformer (distribution) substations on the territory of the industrial park “Sumy” 8.5 MW (the source of electricity is located 700 m from the borders of the industrial park – electric substation “Vuzlova” on the street Pishchana). In order to connect to power supply systems, in addition to developing design documentation and performing electrical communication, it is necessary to develop design documentation and carry out work on the construction of transformer (distribution) substations with the subsequent creation of a small distribution system of electric networks in the territory of the Sumy individual enterprise. Connection of Sumy IP to the power grids will be carried out by the operator of the distribution system of Sumyoblenergo JSC according to the turnkey scheme.

The next step in the arrangement of the land plot of the FE “Sumy” will be the supply of water supply and sewerage with their connection to the engineering networks of the Municipal Enterprise “Miskvodokanal” of the City Council (point of connection of water supply – 320 m, wastewater disposal – 200 m).

After the installation of the mentioned engineering networks, the land plot of the industrial park will be suitable for starting the construction of processing industry enterprises and attracting participants of the “Sumy” industrial park.

According to the Detailed Plan of the territory of the Sumy Industrial Park, the approximate functional purpose of the Sumy Industrial Park is the placement of enterprises for the following types of activities:
1) processing industry:

  • production of finished metal products, metalworking and mechanical engineering (4);
  • production of components for cars (2);
  • production of rubber and plastic products (5);
  • woodworking enterprise (7);
    2) research and development activities;
    3) other industries compatible with the above, such as transport and warehousing, including:
  • preparation and storage of agricultural products (6);
  • logistics complex (3). In addition, the DPT provides for the location on the territory of the IP “Sumy” of administrative buildings, in particular the office of the Management Company (1).

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