Construction of a waste processing plant in Konotop community

Konotop city council
Investment amount, USD
Region Sumy
Sector Waste management
Location Konotop
Opportunity Investment funds, state funding, investor funds / credit funds and other sources
Status project proposal
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The goal of the project: implementation of modern technologies for the processing of solid household waste to mitigate the consequences of climate change in the Sumy region. This will happen through the creation of a waste processing plant in the Konotop community, which is the center of one of the three clusters in accordance with the “Regional Waste Management Plan in the Sumy Region until 2030”.

Strategic relevance: National Waste Management Strategy in Ukraine until 2030, National Waste Management Plan in Ukraine until 2030, Regional Waste Management Plan (WMP) for Sumy Region.

The first stage of the project is preparatory (1.4 years): preparation of project and estimate documentation, obtaining permits, development and approval of the local regulatory framework in the field of waste management, introduction of separate collection of waste.
II stage – construction works (4 years): construction of a waste processing plant; construction of an improved landfill with a sorting line; creation of communal waste collection points; creation of waste collection centers for their repair for reuse.
Stage III – commissioning and verification (6 months) A separate element will be the implementation of an information and communication campaign throughout the duration of the project.

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