Industrial Park in the city of Oleksandriia

"IP "Stan Invest" LLC
Investment amount, USD
Region Kirovohrad
Sector Industrial park
Location Oleksandriia, St. Pylypa Hrytsenko, 1
Status The concept is under development
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The purpose of the creation of the Stan Invest industrial park is to provide favorable conditions for attracting investments into the economy of the city of Alexandria, the functioning and development of industrial enterprises outside large industrial centers, improving the investment attractiveness of the Alexandria OTG and the region, intensification of economic and industrial development, creation of new jobs, growth of revenues to budgets of all levels, as well as development of modern production and market infrastructure.

The functional purpose of PE “Stan Invest” in the city of Oleksandriia is determined, taking into account the level of qualifications of the working population, the available raw material base in the region, the economic profile of the city and the geographical location of the land plot.

Taking into account environmental safety as one of the tasks that must be performed within the framework of the creation of an industrial park, it is also planned to attract participants of modern and high-tech industries capable of ensuring the production of products that would meet modern national and European standards, including with the introduction of reuse and recycling of production waste.

Priority industries:

  • mechanical engineering;
  • processing of metals;
  • production of finished metal products and metal structures;
  • transport, warehousing, logistics;
  • repair and servicing of equipment for metal processing, mechanical engineering and construction;
  • professional scientific, design and technical activities;
  • training of personnel for mechanical engineering and metal processing;
  • other fields compatible with the above.

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