ECOPORT Industrial Park

Investment amount, USD
Region Odesa
Location Novi Bilyaru township
Opportunity Readiness for cooperation and partnership in project implementation. Providing participants (residents) of the park with both undeveloped areas with connected communications and engineering infrastructure, as well as providing universal industrial and warehouse facilities for use.
Status Inclusion of the ECOPORT Industrial Park in the national Register of Industrial Parks, design of engineering networks and communications.
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ECOPORT Industrial Park

The ECOPORT Industrial Park will be located on six land plots of private property and leased with a total area of 76.7493 hectares for the purpose of which: for the placement and operation of main, auxiliary and auxiliary buildings and structures of processing, engineering and other industries.

The land plots on which it is proposed to place IP “ECOPORT” are located near the industrial district of JSC “Odessa Port Plant” and the commercial sea port “Pivdennyi” near the T1606 highway, which today can be reached by the existing dirt road.

The project will be implemented at the expense of various sources of funding: private investment, financial support from budgets of different levels, etc. It is planned to provide the participants (residents) of the park with both undeveloped areas with connected communications and engineering infrastructure, and the provision of premises of universal industrial and warehouse complexes for use.

The peculiarity of the creation of ІP “ECOPORT” lies in the specifics of its location and the role of the transport and logistics complex of the Odesa region in the national transport system of the country. On the territory of the park, in addition to placing enterprises of the processing industry, it is planned to create functional blocks, such as:
“Dry port” is a rear element of the technological process common with the seaport
Customs terminal as part of the “dry port”
Qualitatively new, modern level of warehouse infrastructure
Organization of international transportation

It is assumed that 28 buildings of various functional purposes, several related and technical buildings will be located on the territory of the industrial park, in particular: industrial-industrial – 15 units; warehouse dry – 7 units; refrigerating warehouse – 1 unit, office and household – 11 units, technical structures – 6 units, bomb shelters – 6 units.

Enterprises that will be located on the territory of IP “ECOPORT” will not experience a shortage of highly qualified personnel and workers of working professions, since in the Yuzhnenska city territorial community in 2022 there were 24,919 people of the able-bodied population. In addition, the location of the industrial park is located at a distance of 43 km from the administrative center of the region – Odesa, where in 2022 there were 630,108 people of the able-bodied population.

The volume of revenues from taxes and other mandatory payments to budgets of different levels after the full launch of the industrial park can range from 134.0 to 655.0 million UAH per year. There are the 3,800 jobs will be created in the park.

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