Overhaul of the communal facility “Educational Complex “Specialized comprehensive educational institution of grades І-ІІІ № 26

Department of Education of Kropyvnytskiy City Council
Investment amount, USD
Region Kirovohrad
Sector Development and Education
Location Kropyvnytskyi
Opportunity Co-financing at least 20%
Status State of production of design and estimate documentation
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“Educational Complex “Specialized comprehensive educational institution of grades І-ІІІ № 26 – preschool educational institution – children’s and youth center “Zoretsvit” of the Kirovohrad city council”, on Studentskyi Bulvard 21″ including production of design and estimate documentation. Creating a modern STEM – mixed environment laboratory where students start to understand how to use scientific methods in practice. Besides Math, Physics, Biology students study robotics, design, 3D-modeling, creating, programming and designing of their own robots and devices for STEM studies in and out of classes, creating their own “Start-Up” projects. Ensuring effective realization of the concept of the New Ukrainian School will ensure development and socialization of students’ personalities, form their national self-awareness, general culture, worldview orientations, ecological way of thinking and behavior, creativity, discovery skills and life support skills, the ability of self-development and self-education in condition of global changes and challenges. STEM laboratory has a technological orientation and can be used for realization intra- and inter-subject connections which are contributing the integrity of learning process and transferring skills to new situations. It also convenient to use during career guidance work in IT sphere and development of children’s intellectual and creative potential.

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