Production of laminate tubes for food, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals products

«Eliksir», LLC
Investment amount, USD
Region Dnipro
Sector Heavy Industry
Location the city of Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk region
Opportunity credit, venture capital; joint venture; other joint activities
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The «Eliksir», Ltd is engaged in the production and sale of cosmetics and dietary supplements in the form of syrups, edible gel, tablets and capsules.

The owners of «Eliksir», Ltd strive to develop the company and reduce production costs. This can be achieved by laminated tubes production, for its further usage in production and sale.

Project goals:

  • reduce the «Eliksir», Ltd production cost by launching the line;
  • tube production;
  • tube sale.

In addition to the cosmetic industry, tubes are used in various fields, for example:

  • food industry – sauces, liquid seasonings,
    condensed milk;
  • chemical industry – adhesives and encapsulant;
  • pharmaceuticals industry – ointments, gels.

On the Ukrainian market and abroad packaging in the form of a tube is very popular both in the cosmetic and in the food industries.

Almost all cosmetic manufacturers in packing products creams, gels and balms prefer tubes. The tube as packaging, is very convenient for consumers.

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