Production of metal packaging

Metal-Print, LLC
Investment amount, USD
Region Dnipro
Sector Heavy Industry
Location 5, Kursant Skorobohatsky Str., the city of Dnipro
Opportunity credit line up to 7% year in foreign currency; share interest in percentage according to the amount of investment.
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Creation of a modern industrial complex for the production of metal packaging.

Potential distribution channels are producers of canned meat, fish, fruit and vegetable; oil; vegetable and animal fats; honey; molasses. Also chemical and paint and varnish production (paints, varnishes, oils).

Project goals:

  • compliance with modern environmental safety standards;
  • annual growth of twist off lid is 10-12%;
  • saturation of the both Ukraine and world market;
  • creation of 250 new jobs.

Today already launched:

  • varnishing line and full color printing line – manufactured by KBA-MetalPrint GmbH (Germany);
  • CPT & ndash equipment system for pre-pressing –
    manufactured by AGFA (Belgium);
  • X-Rite (IGT) modern laboratory of varnishes and paints;
  • production line of twist off lid type – manufactured by
    Rainer Naroska (Germany) d 82 mm, 66 mm, 53 mm;
  • production line of metal canisters (18-20 liters)
  • production line of cap for preserving glass jar.

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