Creation of modern market Slobozhanska TC

Slobozhanska TC
Region Dnipro
Sector Construction
Location the village of Slobozhanske, Slobozhanska TC, Dnipropetrovsk region
Opportunity Lease / public-private partnership
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Creation of modern market Slobozhanska TC

A property complex located in the center of the village of Slobozhanske, is offered for creation of the market.

Project goals:
• create a modern market for the sale of dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, flowers and others, where producers of agricultural products and their consumers can interact without intermediaries;
• to increase the business attractiveness of the community, to ensure strong communication and cooperation of farms, local agricultural producers, family cooperatives and other producers of agricultural products;
• to stimulate the development of the trading industry of agricultural products of the community;
• promote the creation and development of small farms and small family cooperatives;
• cleanliness, sanitary standards for storage and sale of products.

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