Creation of construction materials manufacture

Misto Bud M LLC
Investment amount, USD
Region Dnipro
Sector Construction
Location Dnipropetrovsk region
Opportunity share participation / creation of joint venture
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Creation of construction materials manufacture

Creation of production lines of energy saving materials (thermo facade) and the concrete products for urban landscaping (paving slabs, edgings and decorative concrete products).

Considering market conditions, it is planned to expand production, namely: concrete of various grades, road curbs, lighting poles, reinforced concrete trays, concrete fences.

Equipment: thermal vacuum moulder, dry press for paving slabs, sawmill for cutting fiber cement boards, vibrating table for casting, concrete unit for the production of various grades concrete.

Approximate volume:
Concrete – 200 m3 per hour.
Plate thermofacade – 500 m2 per hour. Paving slabs – 1400 m2 per hour.

Project goals:
Meeting the demand for the high-quality modern energy-saving materials and the concrete products for urban landscaping.

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