Construction of a solar power station on the territory of Vakulivska TC, with an area of 21 hectares

Vakulivska local community
Investment amount, USD
Region Dnipro
Sector Fuel and Energy
Location Vakulivska TC, Dnipropetrovsk region
Opportunity land lease and business registration on the territory of the community; desired participation in community social projects
Share project
Construction of a solar power station on the territory of Vakulivska TC, with an area of 21 hectares

The community offers a prepared plot of land with an area of 21 hectares for the implementation of an investment project – the construction of a solar power station use of solar panels.

Solar-radiation level: 1.375 kW/m².

Key features:

  • electricity sale on «green» tariff;
  • «green» tariff is pegged to the Euro exchange rate;
  • increase of the total share of renewable energy in total.

According to the project :

  • a land management project was prepared and a cadastral number was assigned;
  • the purpose of the land plot on the land of the energy industry was changed;
  • a detailed plan of the territory was approved;

Also, Vakulivska TC will assist in: obtaining the necessary permits, drawing up documents, attracting specialists and will provide comprehensive informational support to the investor.

Project goals:

  • electricity generation from renewable sources;
  • generation of environmentally safe electricity for the further sale within a «green» tariff;
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation.
  • creation of 8 new jobs.

Estimated cost of the construction project with a planned capacity of 10 MW ≈$ 12,7 mln*

*Economic indicators of the project may change depending on the capacity of the SPP that will be installed in the specified territory and the current “green” tariff after commissioning

  • Net Present Value (NPV) – $ 8,2 mln
  • Profitability index (PI) – 1,69
  • Internal Rate of return (ІRR) – 8 %
  • Payback period- РР – 6 years
  • EBITDA – $21,2 mln
  • Сommon benefit per year: $2,9 mln

Duration: 6 months

Land plot characteristics:

  • area: 21 га;
  • intended purpose of the use: power industry;
  • cadastral number: 1225283300:02:001:0070;
  • leaseholder: Vakulivska TC;
  • distance from the residential area: 50 m;

Engineering infrastructure:

  • in the zone of 50-100 m – there is electricity, water and gas supply;
  • 100 m – the nearest power transmission line for connection, with a capacity of 10-35 kW.
  • 100 m – transformer substation.

Transport infrastructure:

  • there is an access dirt and slag road;
  • 1 km – territorial highway T0419 (Pyatikhatky– Zelenodolsk);
  • 10.9 km – railway station “Pavlopilla”;
  • 65 km – international airport “Kryvyi Rih”;
  • the nearest cities: Apostolovo (31 km); Kryvyi Rih (35 km); Nikopol (60 km).

“Green” tariffs for electricity produced from alternative sources for the period of martial law in Ukraine:

  • payments under the “green” tariff during martial law are made, but the very model of payment for the sale of electricity generated by solar power plants has changed. The price for 1 kW of electricity sold is on average UAH 1.68;
  • it is possible to build solar power plants during martial law, but only those who received the technical conditions before February 24, 2022 will be able to receive a contract for the sale of electricity under the terms of the “green” tariff, and new SPPs will be able to receive technical conditions only after the end of martial law in the country.

*The amount of payments will be determined by the formula: the tariff for the population (1.68 hryvnias/kWh) multiplied by the percentage of payment received from consumers in the region in the month of generation.

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