Reconstruction of Sumy power station “Sumyteploenergo”

Sumy power station "Sumyteploenergo"
Investment amount, USD
Region Sumy
Sector Fuel and Energy
Location 10, Druga Zaliznychna, st. in Kovpakivskii district of the city of Sumy
Opportunity Investment funds, state funding, investor funds / credit funds and other sources
Status Feasibility Study
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Sumy power station is part of the Northern Electric Power System of the United Energy System of Ukraine. Power system is deficient both in terms of capacity and electricity. The deficit of the Northern EU was covered by inflows from other regions. The magnitude of the system’s power deficit depends solely on the loading of the blocks Zmiivskaya TPP and Kharkiv TPP-5.

The issue of the integration of the unified energy system (UES) of Ukraine into the network of European systems with the introduction of a new model of functioning of the electricity market is a key moment in the reform of the energy industry of our country. There is an urgent need for reconstruction of old and construction of new generating capacities (primarily economic and maneuverable thermal power plants) in the territory of the Central and Northern EU.The specified regions must be consider as regions of priority development of generating capacities.

In order for the main producer (there is no alternative) of electricity and thermal energy in the city of Sumy to remain a reliable supplier of these services for the future of 25-30 years and for the operation of the CHP equipment to meet the requirements for effective functioning on the new electricity market, it is necessary to implement a set of measures with the installation of new energy-generating equipment and renovation of the existing one.

To ensure the operation of the CHP on domestic coal and taking into account the “Decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine dated February 16, 2017 “On urgent measures to neutralize threats to the energy security of Ukraine and strengthen the protection of critical infrastructure” (enacted by the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated February 16, 2017 No. 37/2017) all CHP boiler units as a result of reconstruction (construction of a new one or renovation of existing ones) must use hard coal of the “H” and “DG” brands as the main fuel.

The aim of the reconstruction of the Sumy power station is to comply with the operation of the station to the conditions of the Third Energy Package:

  • increase in electricity production;
  • increasing the possibility of thermal energy production;
    – increasing the range of maneuverability in the production of electric and thermal energy;
    – reduction of natural gas consumption;
    – reducing the cost of steam produced by the boiler units of the station; – reduction of pollutant emissions.

The first stage of construction (No. 1) (2024) is the replacement of the TG-1 turbine with a turbine of increased capacity (approximately 20–25 MW – electric power, 55 Gcal/h – heating), which operates on a deteriorated vacuum (approximately + 15 Gcal/h of thermal energy).

The second stage of construction (No. 2) (year 2025) – conversion (renovation) of existing steam boilers (PC-1, PC-2, PC-3) for operation when burning hard coal of the “G” brand with conversion of the gas cleaning systems and slag removal system, reconstruction of station-wide training and transportation systems. Installation of two-section electric filters for existing steam boilers. Installation of a desulfurization system using semi-dry desulfurization and dry spray absorption (SDA) technology.

The third stage of construction (No. 3) (2026-2027) is the construction of a new turbine-boiler power unit (approximately 50-60 MW – electric power, 100 Gcal/h – heating). Installation of an electrostatic precipitator on a new boiler that will work according to the CCSH (circulating fluidized bed) technology. Installation of a nitrogen purification system using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology.

The fourth stage of construction (No. 4) (2028) is the construction of an electric boiler house (estimated total capacity of 30–40 MW).

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