Organization of pellet production in the Shyrokiv community of the Zaporizhia district of the Zaporizhia region

Shyrokivsʹka village council of the Zaporizhia district of the Zaporizhia region
Region Zaporizhzhia
Sector Fuel and Energy
Location Shyroke village
Opportunity Available capacity (land with the appropriate purpose, premises) for placing a line for the production of pellets (briquettes), available personnel potential (local population) and existing established relations with local farmers and agricultural enterprises for obtaining raw materials for the production of pellets at prices from the manufacturer
Status ready for implementation
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The project envisages solving the main issue of energy dependence of the Zaporizhzhia region and Shyrokivs’ka community, in particular, by creating a cooperative (enterprise) for the production of pellets (briquettes) for internal and external needs. The community has the territory for the placement of such capacities, sufficient personnel potential to attract representatives of the local population to such production. Accordingly, in addition to strengthening the energy independence of the territorial community, the project is also designed to solve the issue of employment of the local population in the energy sector. In addition to local residents, the involvement of IDPs in the production of pellets is also proposed.

The heating season of 2022 will be extremely difficult for all of Ukraine, especially for the most vulnerable social groups of the population – forcibly displaced persons, people in difficult life circumstances.

Informing the central authorities of Ukraine about the lack of heating resources and the lack of hot water in cities led to an increase in demand for heating devices and fuel materials. In turn, this leads to an increase in prices.

1) The price of wood per 1m3 in 2021:

  • UAH 720.0/m³ – hardwood (beech, hornbeam);
  • UAH 696.0/m³ – hardwood (other hardwoods);
  • UAH 642.0/m³ – coniferous and alder wood;
  • UAH 600.0/m³ – wood of soft-leaved species (aspen, linden, poplar, willow).

2) Prices for wood per 1m3 in 2022:

  • UAH 2,000/m³ – hardwood (oak, hornbeam);
  • UAH 1,000/m³ – wood of soft-leaved species (aspen, linden, poplar, willow).
    Conclusion: prices have increased by 36-40% per 1m³.

Implementation of the project will provide an opportunity to strengthen the community’s energy independence and develop a renewable energy cluster.

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