Processing of agricultural products in the Shyrokiv community of the Zaporizhia district of the Zaporizhia region

Shyrokivsʹka village council of the Zaporizhia district of the Zaporizhia region
Region Zaporizhzhia
Sector Agriculture
Location Shyroke village
Opportunity Creation of a site (enterprise) for the processing of products of agricultural origin (food industry)
Status ready for implementation
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The community has areas, premises for the organization of enterprises with added value, has a wide range of local producers, which allows to purchase raw materials for production at the first starting price from the producer. More than 90% of the lands of the Shyrokiv community are used for their intended purpose in the agricultural sector. In addition, the Shyrokiv community has sufficient labor resources among the local population, for the possibility of organizing production with the involvement of personnel potential among the local population.

The main branches of the agricultural sector of the Shyrokiv community:

  • cultivation of cereals (winter wheat, spring and winter barley, corn, millet)
  • vegetable growing (tomatoes, cabbage, table beets)
  • cultivation of oil crops (sunflower, winter rape, flax, mustard)

Promising industries:

  • beekeeping
  • organic food products.

The investment project envisages the organization of production for the processing of agricultural products in the territory of the Shyrokiv community. The community has a suitable territory, which allows to place such production facilities, depending on the volume of potential investments and the interest of partners.

An advantage for the investor will be the proximity to the two regional centers of Zaporizhzhia and Dnipro, which allows to use the personnel and technical potential. The implementation of the project is urgent due to the disruption of logistical connections in view of the Russian military aggression in Ukraine and the limited access of manufacturers to sales markets. The use of internal capacities of the Zaporizhzhia region with the attraction of investments for the organization of agricultural processing industries will allow realizing the internal economic potential of the community and strengthening food security in the South-Eastern region of Ukraine in the food industry sector.

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