Regional Center for Energy Efficiency and Energy Management

Public association “Sumy machine-building cluster of energy equipment”
Investment amount, USD
Region Sumy
Sector Fuel and Energy
Location 40007, Ukraine, Sumy City, str. Rimsky-Korsakov, 2
Opportunity Investment funds, state funding, investor funds / credit funds and other sources
Status project proposal
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Cost optimization in the field of energy is an urgent problem for the Sumy region and Ukraine as a whole. According to open reports, the energy intensity of Ukraine’s GDP (0.8 t.e. / $1,000) is catastrophically inferior in terms of energy efficiency to the indicators of neighboring countries, in particular, Poland (0.26 t.e. / $1,000), Germany (0.19), France (0.19), Great Britain (0.18) and even the russian federation (0.55). In general, the average indicator in the world is 0.24 t.e. / $1000. At the same time, according to the results of 2021, Ukraine consumed about 26.8 billion m 3 of natural gas, with its own production of about 20 billion m 3 .

Thus, there is a need to import of about 6.5-7 billion m3 of natural gas per year. At the same time, currently the tariffs for electricity supplied to the population of Ukraine include a cost of UAH 1.68 per 1 kW/h, with a cost price of UAH 5.28 per 1 kW/h. Thus, as of today, the state subsidizes the energy industry by UAH 3.6 per 1 kWh, or 68.2%.

According to the public report of the State Energy Efficiency Agency, according to the results of 2020, 28.4% of consumed energy falls on the household sector, 32.7% – on the industrial sector. These sectors of the economy are the main consumers of energy in Ukraine. At the same time, with the beginning of the active phase of russian military aggression towards Ukraine, as well as the aggressive energy policy of the russian federation towards the countries of the European Union, an energy crisis began in Europe. Average cost of natural gas at the TTF gas hub (Netherlands) increased by 2 or more times.

A comprehensive approach to reducing energy consumption and optimizing the energy intensity of the GDP of Ukraine (in particular, the Sumy region) is the most effective method of increasing the energy security of the region, as well as increasing the competitiveness of industrial enterprises.

According to the public report of the USAID fund, the annual average level of consumption of energy resources in Sumy region is 602.5 thousand t boe, while the total potential of clean energy sources is 175.4 thousand t boe, or 29% of the level of needs.

At the same time, the strategy for economic recovery and development of the Sumy region for 2022-2024 under the direction “Industrial complex” provides:

  1. Creation and organization of the “Regional Center for Energy Efficiency and Energy Management” (item 2) with the aim of reducing the consumption of energy resources by enterprises and budget institutions at the level of up to 10-15%;
  2. Construction of power plants based on renewable energy sources (item 7) in the amount of 3 pcs. to provide electricity for at least 25% of the region’s needs.

Involvement of specialists of the newly created “Regional Center for Energy Efficiency and Energy Management” in the development of methods and principles of thermal modernization, and in the development of the concept of construction of new power plants will ensure the maximum effect on reducing the energy intensity of the Ukrainian economy.

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