Energy Storage System (Solar Power Plant 15,900 MW (АС) / 21,030 MW (DC)

SPP Development Ukraine
Investment amount, USD
Region Kyiv
Sector Fuel and Energy
Location Kyiv region, Ukraine
Opportunity Investment funds, state funding, investor funds, credit funds, and other sources
Status Ready-to-build - II quarter 2024
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Energy Storage System (Solar Power Plant 15,900 MW (АС) / 21,030 MW (DC)

The project will reach the Ready to Build Stage in the II quarter of 2024.

This Solar Power Plant with integration of Energy Storage System is an element in the strategic transformations of the energy sector and can have a significant positive impact on the country’s economy, as well as reduce the carbon footprint but also being an important resource for growth and sustainability.

The following works are currently in progress of being completed and approved: 
1. Design documentation
2. Town planning documentation and master plan 
3. Geological and geodetic research

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