Industrial park «Menskyi»

Mena City Council
Region Chernihiv
Sector Industrial park
Location Mena city, Chernihiv region
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Industrial park «Menskyi»

he main investment opportunity is the creation and development of the Mensky industrial park. This is an integrated project aimed at developing production, creating jobs, improving the economic situation in the region and increasing revenues to the budget.

Key elements of an investment opportunity include:

Potential income: An industrial park can be an important source of income for investors through rent payments, taxes and other income arising from the operation of enterprises on its territory.

Stability and security: Investing in an industrial park can be beneficial for investors as it helps diversify the portfolio, provides a stable income stream and increases capital security.

Social impact: The development of an industrial park can contribute to social growth by creating new jobs, raising the standard of living of the local population and improving infrastructure.

Environmental efficiency: Investing in environmentally friendly technologies and conservation measures.

Project status:

  • The updated General Plan of the city;
  • Available zoning;
  • Decision of the Minsk City Council on the creation of the “Mensky” industrial park;
  • Detailed plan of the territory;
  • Developed Environmental Impact Assessment Industrial Park Concept;
  • Entered into the register of industrial parks of Ukraine.

The procedure and conditions of the competition for the selection of the management company have been approved. Willingness to conduct a competition for the selection of a management company.

Sum of the investment: 1-1.5 million dollars. USA for 1 hectare of industrial park

The main characteristics of the Minsky industrial park:

Location: Located in Mensk district of Chernihiv region, conveniently connected to major transport highways.

Infrastructure: It is planned to create modern industrial facilities, office premises, research centers and other necessary facilities for the efficient operation of enterprises.

Business support: The initiator and management company of the park provide support and assistance in finding local business partners, financing and other aspects of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Environmental safety: Control of emissions and other negative impacts on the environment is carried out, as well as noise protection, water protection and other measures are implemented to preserve natural resources.

Social impact: Job creation, infrastructure development, and support of small and medium-sized businesses will contribute to raising the standard of living of the local population and the development of the region’s economy.

The Mensky Industrial Park is defined as a key project to stimulate economic growth and support business in the Chernihiv region, with a focus on innovation, efficiency and sustainable development.

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