Modern technologies for wastewater treatment of the Konotop community

Konotop city council
Investment amount, USD
Region Sumy
Sector Administrative and auxiliary services
Location Konotop
Opportunity investment funds, state funding, investor funds / credit funds and other sources
Status project proposal
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Unsatisfactory operation of the complex of treatment facilities creates an emergency associated with the discharge of large volumes of organic pollutants into the water receiver (Yezuch River). The structures and buildings, as well as the equipment of the first and second stages of treatment plants completely worn out, and the technology used is morally outdated.

The high level of pollution poses a threat to the aquatic environment, because with the actual inflow to the treatment facilities of 7,580 m3/day. The concentration of residual pollutants in biologically treated wastewater according to BOD reaches 31.6 mgO2/dm3. Suspended solids – 24 mg/dm3, phosphates – 8.2 mg/dm3, COD – 59 mgO/dm3, ammonium nitrogen 12.1 mg/dm3, dry residue – 444 mg/dm3, nitrites – 0.161 mg/dm3, nitrates – 1.0 mg/dm3, chlorides – 29 mg/dm3, sulfates – 27 mg/dm3, phosphates – 8.2 mg/dm3, BOD5 – 23.8 mgO2/dm3, ASAS – 0.032 mg/dm3, total iron – 0.29 mg/dm3.

The goal of the project: to reduce the negative impact on the environment by improving the quality of wastewater treatment at the treatment facilities of the Konotop city, Sumy region, and bringing their indicators to regulatory requirements.

Strategic relevance: the project is aimed at implementing the measures of the Sustainable Energy Development and Climate Action Plan of the Konotop City Territorial Community until 2030 (“The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy”). The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine is the national climate change coordinator of The Covenant of Mayors in Ukraine.

Activities: the work plan includes five packages – audit of the wastewater treatment system; design of reconstruction/construction of treatment facilities; performance of construction/reconstruction works; project management; communication campaign.

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