Modernization and reconstruction of the water drainage system in the city of Sumy

Department of City Infrastructure of the Sumy City Council
Investment amount, USD
Region Sumy
Sector Administrative and auxiliary services
Location 21 Horkoho str, Sumy city, 40004, Ukraine
Opportunity Investment funds, state funding, investor funds / credit funds and other sources
Status project proposal
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  1. Sustainable and stable development of the centralized drainage system and city infrastructure.
  2. Round-the-clock accident-free operation of treatment facilities, which will provide an intensive automatic system of mechanical pre-treatment, deep intensive biological treatment; highly effective post-treatment; environmentally friendly disinfection; mechanical sludge dewatering.
  3. Ensuring the handling of sewage effluents in accordance with the requirements of current sanitary regulations and the rules for operating the relevant equipment.
  4. Prevention of deterioration of the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the city.
  5. Improvement of the ecological condition of the region.
  6. Creation of appropriate conditions for the provision of high-quality housing and communal services to the population, the implementation of economic and entrepreneurial activities.
  7. Introduction of a remote drainage management system using dispatching systems.

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