Solomonovo Industrial Park

The management company «Sezparkservice» LCC (Atoll Holding Group of Companies)
Region Zakarpattia
Sector Industrial park
Location Transcarpathian region, Uzhhorod district, village Solomonovo
Opportunity Offered for residents of the industrial park: a turnkey construction of industrial real estate objects; lease of warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
Status Included in the State Register of Industrial Parks of Ukraine, attracting residents.
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«Solomonovo» Industrial Park is extensive project aimed to create a high-tech automotive production platform – an analogue of the world’s best models.

The project is being carried out in the westernmost region of Ukraine – Zakarpattia, which has a huge investment potential, bordering on four states members of the European Union.

Access to the largest centers of Central and Eastern Europe and the consumer market of as much as 150 million people is provided within the 24-hour period.

«Solomonovo» Industrial Park is registered in the State Register of Industrial Parks of Ukraine and it, as one of the most promising industrial investment platforms, has a number of preferences and state guarantees, protected at the legislative level.

Capacities of the industrial park:

  • 66,2 ha – the total area of industrial land
  • 67 000 m2 – built production and warehouse space
  • 41 ha – greenfield area with communications
  • 170 000 m2 – planned area of industrial buildings
  • 25 MW – electric power
  • 3200 m3/h – gas supply capacity
  • 115 m3/h – water supply planned capacity

Privat railway terminal: 4 railway tracks 1435/1520 mm.

The managing company «Sezparkservice» is ready to provide full maintenance for locating the production on the territory of «Solomоnovo» Industrial Park and ultimate support of the business of its participants.

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